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Close Remove All. Lying in the heart of the Stourbridge glassmaking industry, the Red House Glass Cone was built at the end of the 18th century and continued to produce glasswares until Reaching feet, glass cones within the Stourbridge area were commonplace.

The Cone of Silence

Today, it is the only complete glass cone in the area and one of only four left in the United Kingdom. Glass manufacturing was once the lifeblood of the local community and a significant part of Britain's manufacturing strength. We welcome everyone to explore this rare structure and learn about the industry, people and products of the glass sector.

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Take the No. From here you will see The Cone and it is a 2 minute walk. Contact - Museums.

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  8. Twitter - RedHouseCone. Facebook - RedHouseCone. Take a look at the images below.

    Now, let's zoom in a bit on the middle image. Here you can see a closer view of the storms, but what's that hole showing up near the center of the image? Why isn't it raining there? On the final image, we zoom in ever closer.

    Dealing with the cone

    You can clearly see a black circle right in the middle of where storms should be. This is the Cone of Silence. The radar is unable to see the storms overhead and leaves us with no data there. Maybe that storm even passes right over the top of the radar? Can you imagine the problems that would occur?

    The Red House Glass Cone

    This has happened in the past and definitely caused issues. On the right, you can see a tornado warned storm passing right over the radar located just east of Denver, Colorado. That is a hook echo , the radar signature commonly seen when a possible tornado is in the area.

    A significant and important area of the storm is blocked. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this. Current radars are just not designed to look up. It is possible to find a neighboring radar, at times, and use it to look at the storm.


    However, the radar will be further away and the data will not be as good. Luckily, radar research is always going on.