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Rebecca Otowa. Tales of the Samurai. Old Japan Romances. Yei Theodora Ozaki. Frank T. In the Land of Silence: Learning with my Master. Mario Mantese. How to Haiku. Bruce Ross. Both Onami and Genta get angry with Jubei for being so irrational, because Jubei should eagerly accept the opportunity to work on the pagoda, even if it meant sharing half the credit with Genta.

Genta leaves and goes home to drink with Seikichi and Okichi. Seikichi agrees with Okichi that Genta never should have offered to share the pagoda with Jubei and threatens Jubei for overstepping his position in society. Genta realizes he needs to remain calm about the situation to avoid any embarrassment. Genta goes to the temple to ask the Abbot to choose who should build the pagoda because Jubei and Genta were unable to reach an agreement. The Abbot tells Genta that Jubei came earlier and said the same thing.

The Abbot encourages Genta to show compassion towards Jubei. Ino , Jubei's son, tells Onami he had a nightmare where someone bashed Jubei's head open. Onami worries the dream may hold some deeper meaning. Meanwhile, Jubei gets summoned to the temple and Endo lets Jubei know he's the chosen one to build the pagoda. Genta invites Jubei to a place in the pleasure quarters to congratulate him and discuss how they should move forward with the building of the pagoda.

Genta apologizes for getting angry before and expresses how he wants to help Jubei. When Genta tries to give Jubei the work he did on the pagoda so far, Jubei refuses to it. Genta gets angry and tells Jubei he will be waiting for him to mess up. Genta leaves Jubei behind in frustration to meet up with his friends to drink and have a good time. Jubei, as promised, pours his heart into building the pagoda, creating an atmosphere of productivity. In contrast to the bright mood at the pagoda site, Genta's home has turned into a site of gloom with Okichi brooding over Genta not getting the pagoda job.

Okichi questions Seikchi's loyalty to Genta, so Seikichi sets out to prove himself.

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Seikichi goes to the pagoda site and attacks Jubei with an adze, cutting his left ear off. Eiji stops Seikichi from doing any more harm to Jubei. Eiji goes to Genta's home only to realize Genta already left to go to Jubei's home to apologize for Seikichi's actions. Eiji tells Okichi about what happened to Jubei. Genta visits both Jubei and the Abbot to apologize for Seikichi's actions. Seikichi's mom deeply apologizes to Genta for Seikichi because she knows her son has a good heart but he let his anger get the best of him, which is why she thinks he did what he did.

Genta feels sorry for Seikichi's mother and does not know how to respond to her. Okichi, on the other hand, knows Seikichi only attacked Jubei because of his respect for Genta and because of her persuasion. She feels responsible and takes care of Seikichi behind Genta's back. Seikichi feels remorse for his actions because he realizes how much trouble he caused Genta. The day after the accident, Jubei gets ready to go to work. Onami tries to stop him but Jubei insists on going to work because he does not want his workers to view him as weak.

With hard work and determination, Jubei finishes building the pagoda. Out of nowhere, a huge storm comes to challenge the pagoda, led by the Demon King. The storm warns against giving praise to man-made objects and proceeds to wreck everything in sight. They express concern over the pagoda's ability to withhold the storm and bribe Shichizo to bring Jubei to the pagoda to check on it. Jubei refuses to go to the pagoda unless the Abbot summons him there, so Shichizo lies and tells Jubei the Abbot did summon him in order to get Jubei to go.

Jubei takes this as a direct insult to his carpenter katagi and rushes over to the pagoda, prepared to kill himself if he finds any error with his pagoda.

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Genta also monitors the pagoda, waiting to see if it would make it through the storm. When the pagoda survives the storm unscathed, everyone continues their adulation for the pagoda and for Jubei's craftsmanship. The Abbot inscribes the pagoda with both Jubei and Genta's name, and since that day, the pagoda and its legend has continued to live on. This is where the Abbot resides, the announcement of who will build the pagoda is given, and where the pagoda will be built.

Most of the temple was renovated by Genta; who was expected to build the pagoda there as well. His pagoda was then tested against a storm of epic proportions which assaulted the temple grounds.

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Genta's House The place where Genta and Okichi interact. It is a necessary setting to display the Katagi of the wife since, as the wife, she should not leave the house. Jubei's House Also acts as a way to display the Katagi of the wife; it is the only time we see interactions with Onami. His son then builds his own version of his father's pagoda and predicts the attack on his father in a dream.

It is either he builds it completely himself, or not at all.

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He aspires to build the five-storied pagoda even though it goes against the wishes of his master, his wife and his collogues. He demonstrates the craftsman Katagi quite strongly when he refuses to work on the project with Genta and insists on building the pagoda alone, and, when he is injured after being attacked by Seikichi, he insists on going to the construction site the next day despite Onami's protest.

That action gains him the workers respect and speeds up the building of the pagoda. His obsession with building the pagoda to perfection alone is another sign that illustrates the craftsman Katagi. But the crucial keys to his character are the nature of a pagoda and the religious implications of pagoda constructions. The construction of a pagoda is deemed equal to the preaching of the Lotus gospel in its ultimate religious merit.

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Genta of Kawagoe The strict master carpenter possessing both skill and status. Both in his mien and his looks, he is a man of masculine charm who inspires anyone's admiration He rebuilt the Kanno temple and did such an impressive job that he was considered for the building pagoda. Genta's suggestion stems from the fact that he is an Edoite scrupulous in performing his social obligations yet susceptible to sentiment, and is as unbending in his principles as he is unsparing in his kindness His sense of honor plays a major role in the decision he makes, which plays up his honorable man Katagi.

He gives up the pagoda project for no reason other than honor. In his youth he pursued rigorous training and religious studies at Mt. Minobu, the headquarters of Nichiren Buddhism, and in his middle years he traveled throughout sixty provinces as a mendicant practicing austerity and asceticism. He had sharpened the sword of tranquil wisdom through contemplation of Samsara , this world, and Dharma , the Law.

He intoned the sacred gospel of salvation in four dialects of Sanskrit. Now a septuagenarian , the Abott was as lean as a crane, the result of abstinence from unclean food —meat, fish, and ill-smelling vegetables. His eyes were always half closed so that he might transcend the turmoil of the human sphere. Having learned the Principle of Emptiness, he no longer kindled the flames of desire in his heart. Okichi Genta's wife.

She is described as someone who does not give any thought to her appearance, but rather as if she took pride in her respectability She is tactfully amiable even to a subordinate like Seikichi