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You want someone who is just as excited and dedicated to your product as you are. Find those advisors who bring value- a type of value that is intangible and not monetary. If they share the same value as you, the money will follow. We each have our own role that completes the others, and we are all integral components in the decision-making process. From his perspective, Jaffar points toward the trust the three of them have in each other as the integral reason for why they all came together to work on Masbagtiit was a meeting of minds, so to speak, and as such, there was an easy alignment of values between him and the Al-Enezi brothers.

But the brothers trust me very much; they are very good listeners. Once Faith Capital acquired Masbagti, and Jaffar came on board the company as its CEO, the startup started going through a lot of changesmaybe the most pronounced of which was its rebranding as JustClean, which was a strategic decision for the enterprise that was getting set to grow beyond its home base in Kuwait. God willing, we are planning to enter other geographical areas in the MENA region as well in So, the business has grown quite a lot in the last two years.

When we as Faith Capital invested in the business in , the business was a marketplace application. Faith Capital office. While it may have started out with a B2C model, JustClean has since decided to invest in its B2B outreach as well, by rolling out a laundry management solution, as well as logistical support for the vendors in its marketplace. This is one of the ways in which JustClean plans to distinguish itself from the competition it may face in this sphere as it expands across the region.

This way, you control the tides that everyone else rides on. We are always quicker to respond to changes and faster at adapting to them. We recognize the value of our users and partners all the same. We are not afraid of competition; we embrace it. According to him, if JustClean were able to move the offline laundry service industry into the online world that would be an achievement that would almost certainly rival if not surpass as well what he and his team had accomplished in the food delivery space with Talabat. You know, you do something, and the next time you want to do it more.

You have to leave the rest to the Creator.

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And, really, starting something from scratch is super difficult, super challenging, because the risk of failure is immensely high. And if you fail, people will forget that you did Talabat! So, how do you combat the fear of failure? By praying to God, and working very, very hard. God will give you success if you do everything right. A JustClean team meeting. This statement by Jaffar is a testament to the integral role his Muslim faith plays in his personal philosophy as an entrepreneur. Throughout the course of our conversation, he kept referring to the Islamic principles that he believes in, and how applying those in his day-to-day life had helped him attain success in the entrepreneurial realm.

1. Trust in government: 1958-2015

And God blessed him. At the same time, we give the chance to our team and colleagues: if they would like to invest in us, be shareholders, they are allowed to. And again, this is part of our Islamic values. We wanted to create a culture where individuals felt appreciated, and their absence would be recognized. Since Barack Obama took office in , higher shares of Democrats than Republicans have expressed trust in government.

Since the s, trust in government has been consistently higher among members of the party that controls the White House than among the opposition party. However, Republicans are much more reactive than Democrats to changes in political power.

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During the eight years of George W. Average trust among Democrats, by contrast, has remained more stable throughout the George W. Bush and Obama years. While the falloff in Republican trust in government between the Bush and Obama administrations has been striking, it continues a pattern that has persisted for decades.

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But this spike in confidence was short-lived. As Bush began his second term in , trust in government continued to be deeply divided along partisan lines. After Obama took office, Republican trust in government — already quite low — sank further. The bitter debate over the debt ceiling in eroded Democratic trust in government.

Trust in government differs only modestly between demographic groups. No more than about a quarter in any group trusts the federal government just about always or most of the time. Young people are somewhat more likely than older adults to say they can trust the federal government. While Republicans and Republican leaners generally express very little trust in the federal government, trust is especially low among conservative Republicans. There are no significant differences among Democrats by level of political engagement.

Historically, there have been only modest generational differences in trust in government. Over time, the trajectory of these attitudes has been similar across generations.

As noted, young people are slightly more trusting in the federal government than older people. Turn on Animations. Our Sponsors Log in Register. Log in Register.

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Find a Pediatrician. Text Size. Page Content. But yelling can hurt kids more than we realize— it might cause an immediate behavior change, but in the long run can cause real psychological harm. Keep reading. Frustrated and upset, Cookie Monster says, "Me glutton, not liar. So now we use words like "gluttony," "patience," "kindness," and "diligence. Attunement, in short, is putting yourself in your child's shoes and then meeting their needs with the wisdom of a parent.

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In attunement parenting, we don't just give time-out as a rote response to misbehavior. Instead, attuned parents ask "why" a child is misbehaving. When we understand the root of a child's misbehavior, we can better meet their needs, love them, and get long-term healthy behaviors. I know your 3-year-old wants your full attention all the time, but it's just not possible if you're trying do laundry, run errands, read your email, or otherwise have a life.