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How great is this! I love it. Thank you, on behalf of humanity, thank you!!! That would be wonderful. Good luck in setting all this up and I am happy that you are taking on this project. My husband and I feed the needy and homeless in the mountains 5 days a week.

How to CROCHET A RAG RUG, recycle project

What a awesome idea to keep them dry while they sleep. I am so so blown away, by your skill and ingenuity for this idea Dawn. Being raised by parents who always believed in participating in our local community, and showing others by example, how they to could be involved, giving all people a sense of worth and value. No matter what was happening in our own lives, there were always people doing it tougher and harder than us. You Dawn, have taken their teaching to a higher level.

My parents are gone now, but I have spent my whole life living by the ethics they instilled in me, much to hard to change. Where ever I have lived, and through my work, setting up Food Co-ops — Mobil Kitchens — Helping Families — Feeding the Homeless — or just being a Friendly Face, everyone needs to know someone cares, and are thinking of them. A smile goes a long long way. Hi, from Spain. Good bless you. Popped on over to your site from Joyful Mama. Thank you for sharing this idea!

I am always looking for ways for kids, young and old, to serve. Thanks for an easy-to-follow list of directions and tips. Our small group in Bellevue Nebraska are going to make these for our homeless shelter who gives them out to their over-nighters. We have a ministry that helps the homeless. God bless you! I would like to encourage others to do so and see if we can get some, or at least one, of them to make it a publicity campaign.

You are brilliant!! What a great idea.

Pattern instructions

I will keep you posted if I am contacted, okay?! I hope you will help bring it to fruition…. Kiss, Rose. If you live in the Arlington, Tx area Or travel to this area…. Thanks, Stephen, for contacting us. I usually remove links in comments as they are often spammy, but I shall leave yours in tact. I am VERY keen to feature further homeless projects and so perhaps we could work together on this. You could write directly for this blog if you want with loads of readers already , which might jumpstart your initiative.

Hi Mariane! How are you getting on with making the mats? Are they a hit? Any advice for other groups??! Linda, please let us know what other things you make with plarn. We would love to feature more of your? Hugs, Rose. Hi Joan, This is great! What you do is to contact your local shelter or soup kitchen to help you make the connection to the homeless and to hand them out.

You might want to make a little flyer for them to hang up somewhere, to explain their use, etc. I was wondering how to make the strap for this, but other that that, I think this is a wonderful idea! This is a really great idea…. We have a street corner mission in a city close by that I think could hand these out.

Craft for Humanity – Crochet a Plarn Sleeping Mat for the Homeless

Thanks for sharing! You can use newspaper bags by cutting down each side, putting the strip through the last loop on your piece, and tying the ends in a tight square knot. To hide the ends of the knot: when you approach the knot, wrap it securely in the whole strip and proceed. Make a loop at the end of the mat to secure the carrying strap as follows: On last row, single crochet 17 stitches. Chain 6. Skip next 6 stitches. Single crochet remaining 17 stitches to end. Secure end.

Carrying strap via Dawn : Make a 6-foot chain. My cat loves my messy first mat. And my very elderly mother wants one for her hard plastic deck chair.


I love that you can leave these mats outside. Our mission is showing others they are loved. What a blessing it would have been to be able to hand out this bedding item. What a wonderful idea, Catherine!

That just warms my heart. I will put a tweet out for people to connect with you! Hi Hermit, They weigh as much as a bag full of plastic bags: nearly nothing. This will be a project at our Girl Scout Camporee. Thank you so much! Kim that is great! So pleased that you find this project inspirational. Tip: crochet with plastic is hard on hands. Let the kids complete the projects over several smaller sessions rather than making this a single afternoon affair.

Crocheters when you make this project try not to get any new plastic bags for it.

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Plastic bags are the scourge of the earth. They are killing our oceans, wildlife on land and getting into or food chain. Ask your friends for bags that they already have on hand and when you shop always bring your own bag. Plastic bags are never really recycled, so I sometimes get mine from the recycle bins at supermarkets. Sometimes I get neat colors that way.

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I think this is a great idea. But before I start I would love to get some feedback about how the homeless like the mats. Anyone have stories about how they are received? So … how does one know which plastics are suitable for the long haul and would be good for crocheting? That would work best, I think. If your plastic bag is really thin, then make really wide strips, or use 2 strands of plastic at the same time to make it stronger.

My advice: just begin and start caring! Ball up your yarn. This is actually pretty important, but once I started to crochet, I realized I twisted the yarn as I balled it, so there was a lot of tension. I ended up unraveling the whole darn thing before crocheting, which kind of defeats the purpose of balling it up in the first place.

Step 4. I used a single crochet here for a dense weave. Both are described in this post. I used the largest crochet hook I had on hand, which was a size Q and started with 6 SC in the first round, doubled it to 12 in the second round, and slowly increased by multiples of 6 beyond that. In retrospect, I think I would also try starting with 4, doubling to 8, and then actually counting my way around. Or, you can be like me and just make it up as you go, increasing as necessary to keep the piece flat. If the work is curling up, you need more stitches in the round. If the work is ruffling, you can either take it apart and not increase as many stitches, or do a round with no increases, sort of to bound the problem.

I also tried to alternate where I made the increases so as to keep a circle shape. Then weave in your ends. Sign up for email updates on new pattern releases and promotions. I have made these for years from family shirts. I use all I can, so cut sleeves too, and where hems are wide, cut those rounds also. To connect my strips, I cut a slit in each end. With ends of two strips in hand, slip one the through the other, then slip one of the far ends through.

Pull tight. You can carefully trim a bit to round edges. Your email address will not be published.