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Like any other living substance, sin has to be implanted, fertilized, birthed, and nurtured before it can reach its full potential. The process is.
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Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Hamartiology: The Doctrine of Sin. Etonge Ndeley. Simply put together, the word means the study of sin. But generally hamartiology concerns the biblical doctrine of sin including its origin, nature, transmission, effects, and judgment. It is ethical in nature, not ontological in that it is not an essential privation of some kind.

Even after the fall, man still has all the faculties with which he was created, but his moral nature is twisted by sin. There are many key terms in the Old Testament which nuance the idea of sin in some way.

In the New Testament there are several terms as well. Origin of sin The origin of sin in the cosmos is to be found in the disobedience of Satan and certain angels.

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Evangelical Theologians have argued on this position using Isaiah and Ezekiel , there are some theologians who argue that one or both of these passages hint at the fall of Satan. Meanwhile, when Satan arrived on the scene in Genesis 3 cf. But as far as the entrance of sin into the human race is concerned, this occurred at the fall of man, also described in Genesis The fall of Man Genesis 3 describes for us one of the most diabolical and saddest points in our very early human history.

Adam had been commanded by God not eat from the fruit of the tree which was in the middle of the garden. But with the entrance of the Serpent, who we now realize was Satan himself when we read 2 Cor. He was craftier than all the wild animals the Lord God had made, and he said to the woman… Gen So, we ate the forbidden fruit, died spiritually something the Devil forgot [neglected?

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From our first parents we receive both the guilt of sin as well as a corrupt nature Rom We must be reminded that God has chosen us to be holy in his sight and to be conformed totally to the image of His Son Eph. John Calvin — unquestionably stands as one of the brightest figures in the Protestant Reformation. From DBSJ 21 Republished with permission. Ever since that initial act of rebellion, all mankind has been born with the taint of original sin. Arminius said very little about the transmission of original sin from one generation to the next.

Read Part 1. It is designated disobedience because. As one writer has noted, most theologians regard Jacob Arminius c. Arminius stands among a limited number of figures in church history who have lent their names to a major theological school of thought.

By violating the command of God and eating of the tree, they would make themselves like God in the sense that they would position themselves outside and above the law and, like God, determine and judge for themselves what good and evil was.


In short, man wanted to replace God by becoming god in his own right. Hence the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life were born by the one act of Adam and Eve to transgress the expressed will and desire of God. Since that time, no human being has ever lived who has not been found a sinner, sinning against his Creator. While original sin is denied by many in the visible church because of the aberrant teachings of one Pelagius, nevertheless, the true doctrine of Scripture has been graciously preserved in historic Christian orthodoxy.

As mentioned earlier, the historical account of the beginning of sin is recorded in Genesis 3. One of the best indicators to understanding the true nature of sin is to examine how God has responded to it historically and how he will respond to it in the future. Even though God had enjoyed rich fellowship with Adam and Eve in the Garden, and even though His love for them was unshaken by their act of rebellion, His action against them was swift and deliberate.

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It is not a Christian trait to presume that God excuses sin in the name of love, grace or any other element of kindness found in His being. We should continually reflect upon the tragedy of this historical event and allow it to inform our own attitude and disposition toward sin. So what is sin? What do we actually do when we sin?

Socrates thought the cause and essence of sin consisted solely in ignorance. Hence the person who knows the good is good and acts according to the good. Surely they were not ignorant. Sin is not a problem of reason. Reason alone cannot help us. Sin is something more than ignorance, something more than incorrect reasoning. Sin is not simply a matter of the will alone. We cannot will our way to perfection. No human has ever been able to pull this off.

To reiterate, a misunderstanding of the nature of sin has far-reaching theological implications, not only in the area of systematics, but especially in the areas of practice and counseling. Was Pelagius correct in locating sin in the human will?

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The champion of freewill thinking contends that this is precisely where sin is located and that each human falls individually when they sin. But this is not the doctrine of sin as held by historic Christian orthodoxy. Indeed, Paul viewed sin as a law in Romans , where he explicitly referred to the law of sin.

However, one may ask how forbidden desire initially emerged in our first parents? This is indeed a mystery. Rather, is should be said openly and clearly: we are here at the boundaries of our knowledge. Sin exists, but it will never be able to justify its existence.

It is unlawful and irrational. Paul explicitly teaches as much in Romans 7. This makes sin an ineluctable reality in our life. The will, intellect, and emotion are all involved in the covenant-breaking action of sin. Sin is a moral act that contradicts the expressed will of God for human behavior.

ignamant.cl/wp-includes/76/974-programa-espia.php In other words, it is a covenantal breach with the Divine covenant maker. It is not limited to the will, the intellect, or the emotion. Sin involves the whole person. A person is tempted when they are drawn away of their own lust desire. The mind considers the matter, the desire is either allowed to grow or is dismissed and the person decides wills to act on the desire that was initially conceived in the intellect.