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A combat engineer is a soldier who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks . To increase the effectiveness of these units EOD and mechanic teams are typically embedded with the combat engineer platoon. Due to rising IED.
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During Vietnam War Marines evacuated Saigon. Vietnam was the longest war for Marines.

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By its end, 13, had been killed in action, 51, had been wounded. Marines participated in the failed Iran hostage rescue attempt, the invasion of Grenada, the invasion of Panama.

Georgian Army - 2nd Infantry Brigade's combat-engineer platoon tribute (R.I.P Guys)

On 23 October , the Marine headquarters building in Beirut, Lebanon, was bombed, causing the highest peacetime losses to the Corps in its history. Marines liberated Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War, participated in combat operations in Somalia — , and took part in the evacuation of American citizens from the US Embassy in Tirana, Albania. Following the attacks on 11 September , Marine Corps, alongside the other military services, has engaged in global operations around the world in support of War on Terror.

DVIDS - News - Integrated Task Force Engineer Platoon sets charges for MCOTEA assessment

Marines were among first sent to Afghanistan in November Since then, Marine battalions and squadrons have been engaging Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces. Marines also served in the Iraq War. Haskell's Co.

Fire Support Chapter 5. Air Defense Chapter 6. Combat Service Support Chapter 7. Command and Control.

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